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Security Managment

Protecting your resources from Internet dangers

Primary Network protects your networks, hosted equipment, applications and databases from the ever-present, always-growing threats on the Internet. It’s a highly secure solution that works around-the-clock to keep your business information assets safe against intrusions.

Our experienced engineers – are knowledgeable regarding what Internet threats are out there and how to guard against them. They can configure, install and monitor advanced firewall hardware and software to protect your hosted equipment with Single Availability or High Availability options. Or they can construct a Virtual Private Network for a secure link between your network and our hosting center. Whichever alternative you choose, you’re always opting for peace of mind, 24/7 x Forever.

For any organization that conducts business over the Internet, it’s a vital first-line of defense that:

  • Protects your information and systems from compromise
  • Helps ensure secure, ongoing communications between your Web site and customers
  • Reduces the costs and disruption of intrusion-initiated downtime
  • Extends your in-house capabilities with Hostirian’s specialized expertise and state-of-the-art technologies

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