Network Monitoring

Primary Network’s Network Performance Group (NPGunderstands that technology is a critical enabler of business and that profitability and growth depend on reliable IT operations. To meet these needs, NPG offers a revolutionary approach to remote network monitoring and management.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

A company’s technology infrastructure is more than just an assembly of parts; it is a lifeline to economic success. Companies  need visibility into their operations that offer more than whether a given device is “up”— they need views that provide a seamless correlation of diverse devices, servers and applications that make up distinct business practices.

By integrating fault and performance monitoring of network elements, servers and applications, NPG provides real-time visibility into the performance of an overall business. We are able to relate the performance of services to the underlying devices and network to provide a comprehensive remote monitoring and management solution.

Network Performance Group – monitors and manages both Enterprise IP networks and Carrier IP -based Service Delivery Platforms from our 24x7x365, best of class network operations center (NOC). . Each NPG monitoring solution offers a full suite of services and performance metrics, all at a savings of more than 30% of what it can cost to manage your own network.