Metro Ethernet

Primary Network’s new e-Port service is the next generation platform – for broadband internet access. What makes e-Port the next generation platorm? It bypasses the public switched telephone network and connects directly to a dedicated metropolitan fiber optic metwork running beneath the streets. Most internet connections bog down going through the telephone company’s networks en route to the internet backbone. Dial up, DSL, ISDN and T-1 connections all make that last mile connection using this method.

Nearly 85 percent of commercial buildings – in the US are within one mile of “dark fiber” (fiber optics which have been laid, but not connected to a network and lit).

Primary Network makes use of that dark fiber – and finishes the connection into selected buildings. This allows for all tenants within a building to connect to our network for high speed internet access.

e-Port offers a 10 MB pipe which is six times faster – than DSL and experiences considerably less congestion throughout, making it ideal for companies who routinely send large volume files or time-sensitive information through the Internet.

e-Port makes good business sense – from a value standpoint. An e-Port connection costs no more than other, less efficient high-speed connections. In fact, e-Port can save a company money because there is no need for additional hardware that is required by other connection options.

The e-Port connection plugs directly into – your existing network hub, switch, router or firewall using standard Ethernet cables. A virtual local area network (VLAN) is created for each tenant’s network which makes it completely separate and secure from other tenant’s networks. If you do not have a network, e-Port can plug directly into your desktop through a standard Ethernet card.

Buildings with e-Port availability:
Downtown St. Louis City, Clayton, Westport, Downtown Kansas City

Call 314-692-3500 to see if e-Port is available in your area!