DSL Internet Service

Primary Network offers a range of high-speed digital subscriber line (DSL) plans – for your small business, home office or residence. Service is available in thousands of communities coast to coast.

Why choose Primary Network for high-speed Interet access? In business since 1995, Primary Network is recognized throughout the country as a premier provider of Internet access services. With a focus on value, we provide the features and benefits you want at an affordable price.

DSL technology allows for high-speed transport of data – to be sent over existing twisted copper telephone lines. As long as your home or business is close enough to a central office (CO),  you’ll be able to subscribe to DSL service. 

DSL is used by a wide variety – of companies and individuals who require reliable, always-on high-speed data transmission and access.

How fast is DSL compared to a modem connection? Given that a 56k modem typically connects at 48,000 bps, a 1 Mbps connection is up to 22 times faster, while a 3 Mbps connection is up to 65 times faster. Most of Primary Network’s business DSL connections are provisioned with 6 Mbps speeds and are optimized for constant feed and  low latency.

Primary Network DSL includes:

  • A complete line of high-speed plans to meet any need and any budget.
  • High-quality service at an affordable price.
  • The benefit of our partnership with industry leader Covad Communications.
  • Toll-free technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, should you have service difficulties or technical questions.
  • Webmail access so that you can pickup or send mail even when you’re away from your home or office.

Plans start at just $39.95 a month.