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Nation Wide T-1 Dedicated Access – Primary Network offers – T-1 and fractional T-1 dedicated Internet access services in thousands of communities throughout the U.S.

T-1 Internet Access – A Primary Network T-1 Internet connection has – a more consistent upstream bandwidth (the number reported for the T1 is “actual available” rather than a theoretical max). It’s a dedicated line (less stress from “sharing” your connection with others going to the same local office), offers superior stability, a business-class SLA and enhanced support.

Metro Ethernet – Primary Network’s new e-Port service is the next generation platform – for broadband internet access. What makes e-Port the next generation platorm? It bypasses the public switched telephone network and connects directly to a dedicated metropolitan fiber optic metwork running beneath the streets.

Most internet connections bog down going through the telephone company’s networks en route to the internet backbone. Dial up, DSL, ISDN and T-1 connections all make that last mile connection using this method.

Network Monitoring Network Performance Group (NPG) understands that technology is a critical enabler of business, and that profitability and growth depend on reliable IT operations.

NPG monitors and manages both Enterprise IP networks and Carrier IP -based Service Delivery Platforms from our 24x7x365, best of class NOC. Each NPG monitoring solution offers a full suite of services and performance metrics, all at a savings of more than 30% of what it can cost to manage your own network.


Why choose Primary Network for high-speed Interet access? In business since 1994, Primary Network is recognized throughout the country as a premier provider of Internet access services. With a focus on value, we provide the features and benefits you want at an affordable price.